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Asotin County Public Transportation Benefit Area (PTBA) Achieves Golden Award for Perfect Record

The Washington State Transit Insurance Pool (WSTIP) has awarded Asotin County Public Transportation Benefit Area (PTBA) with the 2012 Golden Coach Award for generating zero insurance claims for calendar year of 2012. Since 2004, only Asotin County PTBA Transit and one other transit agency (Columbia County Transit in eastern Washington) have earned such recognition. They both achieved a
perfect record in 2009.

“WSTIP has an average claim frequency of one claim per 152,000 miles. Asotin County PTBA averages over 351,000 miles of service without causing a single property or personal injury claim to be filed,” according to WSTIP Executive Director Allen Hatten. “Even one claim of $1 would have disqualified them for the award. This is just outstanding performance.”

It’s rare that a Golden Coach Award is even given for a perfect year. Only four occasions has a Golden Coach Award been presented where this is the case, including this year’s winners, since it was established in 1994 to recognize transit providers who take a proactive approach to safety.

WSTIP serves as the self-funded insurance pool for 25 transit providers in the state of Washington. It presents a Golden Coach Award each year to the member agency demonstrating the greatest reduction in the number of insurance claims filed over a 24-month period. Asotin County PTBA, for their zero claim year of 2012, effectively had a 100% reduction.

To receive the Golden Coach Award is an incredible achievement and our congratulations
to the Asotin County PTBA governing board, the senior management lead by Kim Gates and, most importantly, the operators and support staff of Asotin County PTBA.

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