Lewis-Clark Valley MPO

The Lewis-Clark Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (LCVMPO) was established in 2003 in order to provide a regional approach to transportation planning. Prior to its formation, local transportation planning efforts were handled individually by the cities and counties that make up the current LCVMPO:

  • Asotin County
  • Nez Perce County
  • City of Asotin
  • City of Clarkston
  • City of Lewiston

The formation of the MPO provides several advantages to the community:

  • The MPO designation and status greatly strengthens the community’s voice in promoting projects in state and regional transportation planning processes and in receiving funding for those projects.
  • The MPO allows planning to occur on a regional basis so that each project considers impacts on the other cities and counties within the MPO.
  • The MPO provides specific funds for the local public transit system.
  • The MPO provides specific funds to plan and develop transportation projects.

215 D Street
Lewiston, ID 83501
(208) 298-1345