Sharing rides to work or school can mean big money savings. Our vanpool system is an excellent transportation alternative for those with long commutes. Passengers share the cost of fuel, maintenance and insurance through a monthly fare. Not only do you save money, but vanpools provide a comfortable, relaxed ride. Vanpool drivers are fellow commuters, responsible for collecting the monthly fee and fueling the vehicle.

Asotin County PTBA can tell you how to set up a vanpool with your own van. To start a vanpool you need a minimum of 3 riders including several people who are willing to drive (and who have good driving records). Contact Us to learn more. Current vanpools operated by the Asotin County PTBA travel to Washington State University, Lower Granite Dam and Little Goose Dam.

Start a Vanpool

To start a vanpool you will need a driver, back-up driver, and coordinator and we offer the training for this at our office.  You will need to choose who you want to be the Bookkeeper/Coordinator, the coordinator must also be approved as a driver.  We have seen that most of the drivers are the coordinator also if that helps.  There is a Vanpool Monthly Report sheet that needs to be filled out daily and everyone needs to pay by the 1st of the month and then return the report and payments to the PTBA by the 10th of each month. There is a vanpool agreement that all the riders have to fill out and sign. There is a Vanpool book in the van that has all the log sheets (Vanpool Monthly Reports), rider agreements, driver agreements, policies and transit accident procedures & forms you will need.  We can go over all this if you decide you would like a van.

The cost for the van is $909.47/month if you average 75 miles and $947.27/month if you average 80 miles. The more people you have on the van the less each rider has to pay.

Become a Vanpool Driver

Asotin County PTBA’s Vanpool program requires that each van has at least two qualified drivers.  We strongly suggest that each member in the Vanpool become a qualified driver so if anything unexpected comes up, there is always someone available to drive the van.

If you are interested in becoming a driver and you live in Idaho, you will need to obtain a copy of your Complete Driving Record from the Department of Licensing (DOL).  You will need to visit your local DOL to make the request.  If you live in Washington, we have a driver monitoring program set up so you will not need to get a copy of your Driving Record.  We ask that the prospective driver have no moving violations or preventable accidents for the past three years, and no major moving violations or a DUI for the past seven years.  Please call our office at (509) 758-3567 for more information.

Vanpool Forms