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The Lewiston Transit and Asotin County PTBA offer reduced fares for seniors and people with disabilities, and Medicare cardholders in conformance with the Federal Transit Administration’s half-fare requirements. For those individuals who qualify, half fare is offered during all hours of operation on the fixed route services and when paying cash fares.


Who qualifies for the half fare program?

    • Persons aged 62 and older.
    • Persons who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), based on disability, or Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, as long as they continue to receive these benefits.
    • People who meet the Federal Transit Administration’s definition of disabled: “disabled persons means any individual who by reason of illness, injury, age, congenital malfunction, or other incapacity or temporary of permanent disability (including any individual who is a wheelchair user or has semi-ambulatory capabilities), cannot use effectively, without special facilities, planning, or design, mass transportation service or a mass transportation facility.”
    • Veterans who are disabled or who receive a determination of at least 50 percent permanent disability or a non-service connected pension as determined through the Veterans Administration.
    • Medicare card holders.

How does someone verify eligibility for the program?

To verify eligibility for half fare, come to our offices located at 215 D St (Lewiston Transit) or 1494 Poplar Street (Asotin County PTBA) and show photo identification with one of the following proofs of eligibility, or have a licensed medical, mental health, or audiologist professional complete the Verification of Disability form.
Proofs of eligibility:

      1. Medicare card.
      2. Official verification of age (valid drivers license, passport, State ID card)
      3. Letter of Authorization that you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits.
      4. Verification that you receive benefits from the Veterans Administration (VA) at a 50 percent disability level or greater, or receive a disability pension from the VA.


A half fare card will be issued to all those who are eligible and this card must be shown to the driver every time the rider boards the fixed route. Half fares will be honored during all hours of operation. In order to receive a card, the rider must apply for one and present a proof of eligibility.

You may also send a completed application with copies of the required verification to: Lewiston Transit System – PO Box 617, Lewiston, ID 83501 or Asotin County PTBA – 1494 Poplar Street, Clarkston, WA 99403


Half Fare Application 2019  or

Asotin Co PTBA Half Fare Application

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